Consulting Services

Enhancing your data capture experience with expert guidance throughout the process.

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We proudly partner with leading names in the motion capture industry, including Simi Motion Systems, KinaTrax, Theia, Kistler, Bertec, and Delsys.

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Reports & Dashboard

We provide customized reports tailored to your specific requirements. As well as Expert reports from our partners that include the Movement Performance Institute and the Sports Academy.

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Our Partners

We take pride in our partnerships, whether they're long-established or recent additions to our network. As intermediaries connecting you with component suppliers, we foster clear communication. With expertise in custom development and data-driven solutions, we guarantee you receive the best avaiable hardware and software solution for your specific application.

Our solutions work with

We integrate with a wide range of leading biomechanics solutions and technology partners. This allows you to seamlessly connect your existing workflow with our platform. Don't See Your Preferred Partner?No problem! We're constantly expanding our integrations to better serve you. If your preferred company isn't listed here, feel free to contact us. We're always happy to explore new partnerships that benefit our users.

Make motion capture easy and insightful

The core of our mission is for you to spend more quality time with your coaches and athletes. We achieve this by closely collaborating with your current hardware setup, optimizing it for efficiency, and introducing innovative solutions. Our approach is bolstered by customizable solution designed to align seamlessly with your distinct needs. This way, you can stay focused on what matters most – nurturing your coaching relationships and athlete performance.Learn more

Force Plates

Are you in need of assistance with setting up or reconfiguring force plates for the purpose of tracking performance and jump testing?

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Curious about the applications of EMG in clinical contexts, gait analysis, sports performance, or the realms of exoskeletons and robotics?

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Motion Capture

Need experts to help you choose between Marker and markerless motion capture analysis ?

Markered | Markerless


Looking for improved reports to monitor your athletes' performance data? Explore our expert-designed templates for detailed insights.

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Seamless Integrations

Interested in integrating multiple motion capture systems to bolster your visualizations and enable real-time analysis? Our expertise can help you achieve this seamlessly.

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S3D Dashboard

We offer a holistic motion capture solution, enabling the storage, retrieval, tracking, and real-time comparison of athlete data while providing comprehensive reports for athletes, coaches, and medical professionals.

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Elevate Your Motion Capture Reports with Ease

Whether you're just starting or have been using multiple motion capture systems and finding the reporting process time-consuming or unsatisfactory, we can help. Connect with us to discover how we can streamline your reporting, build real-time reports effortlessly, and enhance your existing systems.

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Expert Reports

What they say about us

S3D has been instrumental in optimizing our Biomechanics Lab by seamlessly integrating our motion capture and force plates in automated reports.

Justin Brauhard

Sports Academy

As a large clinic with extensive movement analysis technology, S3D has been a game-changer. They understand our needs and recommend solutions, taking the burden off our team. Their responsiveness and genuine care are unmatched. We're confident in our technology environment thanks to their partnership.

Nick Winkler

Bellin Health Title Town