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We take pride in our partnerships, whether they're long-established or recent additions to our network. As intermediaries connecting you with component suppliers, we foster clear communication. With expertise in custom development and data-driven solutions, we guarantee you receive the best avaiable hardware and software solution for your specific application.

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We integrate with a wide range of leading biomechanics solutions and technology partners. This allows you to seamlessly connect your existing workflow with our platform. Don't See Your Preferred Partner?No problem! We're constantly expanding our integrations to better serve you. If your preferred company isn't listed here, feel free to contact us. We're always happy to explore new partnerships that benefit our users.

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Our solutions are crafted in collaboration with industry leaders to offer you unparalleled insights.



Markerless motion capture for sports is a technology that captures and analyzes athletes' movements without requiring physical markers or sensors on their bodies or equipment. Instead of using reflective markers, markerless systems employ computer vision, machine learning, and image analysis to track and record athletes' movements using video footage or sensor data. This non-invasive approach offers a more natural and flexible way to gather valuable biomechanical data for sports analysis and performance enhancement.

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Marker motion capture, also referred to as optical motion capture, is a technology employed in sports and various other domains to meticulously track and record the three-dimensional movement of athletes or objects. This method entails affixing small reflective markers to pivotal locations on an athlete's body or equipment to facilitate precise movement capture. These markers reflect light emitted by motion capture cameras, enabling the system to track their positions either in real-time or during subsequent data processing. This approach is valuable for a wide range of applications, including sports analysis, animation, and biomechanics research.

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EMG, or Electromyography, is a diagnostic technique utilized to assess the electrical activity generated by skeletal muscles. It finds widespread application in sports science and sports medicine to evaluate muscle function, muscle activation patterns, and overall muscle performance during a variety of physical activities.

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Force plates, also known as force platforms, serve as specialized instruments in sports and biomechanics. Their primary function is to measure the ground reaction forces (GRF) generated by athletes during various movements. These force plates are typically integrated into the floor or placed on a level surface and are equipped with sensors that capture the forces exerted by the athlete's body or equipment. They provide precise quantitative data regarding the magnitude and direction of these applied forces. By evaluating how these forces interact with the ground, it becomes possible to identify areas for improvment in an athlete's form and technique, ultimately leading to improved performance. Additionally, force plate data can play a crucial role in informing strategies for injury prevention and rehabilitation by identifying specific areas in need of adjustment or attention.

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Whether you're implementing new systems or optimizing existing ones, we specialize in providing custom integrations to enhance your data capture journey.

Uncertain about the right hardware?

Overwhelmed by the multitude of options? We'll assist you in making informed decisions to select the ideal set of tools, enabling your team to embark on data capture swiftly and effectively.

Upgrading Your Systems

If you are grappling with outdated or malfunctioning hardware/software, we will walk you through the process of optimizing your investments to deliver a state-of-the-art solution that aligns with both your requirements and budget.

Calibration System Troubles

If you have encountered inaccuracies in your setup, it is possible that your systems require calibration. Allow our experts to assess and rectify the issues, ensuring improved accuracy in capturing data for all your trials.

Integrating Diverse Systems

We assist you in configuring the essential software to seamlessly integrate a variety of hardware and technologies, catering to your comprehensive data capture requirements.

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