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S3D Templates

We provide several movement templates for automated reporting, covering exercises such as CMJ, pitching, skating, and numerous other sports related activities.

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Custom Reports

We create personalized reports focusing on the key performance indicators (KPIs) essential for your orgianizations goals and needs.

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Through our partnerships in the fields of biomechanics, sports performance, and rehabilitation, we provide certified expert reports to meet your specific needs.


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We provide an all-encompassing portal for data management and real-time report generation. Enjoy convenient and secure access to your exercise sessions, where you can effortlessly retrieve performance metrics, track progress, and make informed decisions. Our advanced visualizations and user-friendly interface allow you to compare trials of athletes, gaining deeper insights and access to comprehensive data for future reference.

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Provide athletes and coaches with access to a platform that allows them to track multiple trials in real-time compare these trials to each other and generate reports, offering insights into their performance over time. Enable the creation of leaderboards to facilatate competition. Choose from a selection of pre-defined report templates or incorporate your own key performance indicators (KPIs) for traking custom reports.

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Check our expert powered reports to get even deeper insights into your athlete performance

Conduct and Document Trials

Conduct trials using your preferred systems and seamlessly upload the data to your Dashboard. Easily search, filter, and access trial data from anywhere. Utilize the portal to effortlessly locate any trial, communicate with your coaches, and leave notes for your athletes.

Review Reports

All trials are automatically transformed into detailed reports, featuring robust visualizations and structured data to provide in-depth insights for your analysis.

Compare Data

Select from past trials and conduct thorough comparisons to uncover deeper insights from your performance evaluations. Maintain a track record of progress and gain valuable insights into your athletes' performance trends over time.

Create Leaderboards

Transform your data collection into engaging competition. Customize leaderboards based on your key performance indicators (KPIs), to identify your top-performing athletes and those who may require additional support in specific areas.

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Triple Hop

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Standing Long Jump

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